Teaser Clip, Poster for Darren Bousman’s The Devil’s Carnival


It appears Darren Lynn Bousman is getting back into Repo! The Genetic Opera mode with a new film called The Devil’s Carnival  and we’ve got a teaser poster and trailer to share.

The director has been rather busy as of late.  11-11-11 hit theaters this year.  Mother’s Day and The Barrens are arriving in U.S. theaters next year and production is about to begin on this Devil’s Carnival project, which I don’t believe is a direct follow-up to Repo! but can certainly be seen as a companion piece as it sees that film’s creators, Bousman and Terrance Zdunich, collaborating once again.

An official site launched for The Devil’s Carnival today and arrived with the below teaser which is more of an inside look at one character’s life.  This character, a circus carnie, is played by Emilie Autumn.  What you see is about all we know of the project, so stay tuned for more details!