Podcast! Shock Waves: Episode 12


Greg Nicotero & the most influential films of the last 10 years

This week, Ryan and Lawrence discuss the most influential horror films of the last ten years – reflecting on movies that have shaped trends in horror and have had an impact on filmmakers both within Hollywood and on the independent scene.

Also, Greg Nicotero joins Shock Waves to discuss Sam Raimi’s EVIL DEAD II and the recently released Blu-ray special edition. In the news, Lawrence and Ryan discuss the upcoming remake of CHOPPING MALL and the return of THE STRANGERS’ Bryan Bertino.

And, up for review this week, Lawrence takes a look at the Blu-rays for ISLAND OF LOST SOULS, THE INTRUDER, BASKET CASE and more while Ryan weighs in on the first episode of GRIMM and the French creature feature THE PACK.

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