EXCL: Katie Featherston Talks Paranormal Activity 3


“The last 15 minutes of the movie blew my mind.”

Fans looking for a few good scares in Hollywood arrived in droves for a screening Paranormal Activity 3. That’s where we found actress Katie Featherston, the one who was there from the beginning to experience the series’ spooky events and the franchise’s growing success.

Featherston does appear in the third entry, albeit briefly – after all, the film revolves around her character (“Katie”) as a young girl.

“They couldn’t just throw me into the film just to have me in there though,” she told Shock. “It has to be truthful and make sure it makes sense. Everything was evolving. It was never like, Oh, we’re going to make it, done deal. They wait until they have a script that makes sense – which I love – so there was never a moment where I knew for sure this was happening until it was happening.”

Featherston said she found the choice to tell a prequel rather than another sequel inventive. “I think it gives the franchise some longevity, which is super smart from the studio’s perspective, I’m sure. But it does that by giving the audience the experience they want.” As for the casting of “Young Katie,” played by Chloe Csengery: “I gave some pictures of me when I was younger so they could pick somebody cute with longer hair. But, Terry Taylor, the casting director, she was in charge of that. The young girls are phenomenal and sweet. I was teaching Chloe how to braid hair. They’re so smart, they’re like mini adults yet totally innocent kids at the same time. Every time they would get wrapped at the end of the day, they would be like, No, I want to stay. They were having a great time. We all have imaginations, but there’s something about children and imagination that’s special, I think they tapped into that well.”

She added, “[Here] you do find out information that informs why things are the way they are. After a while, you have to give the characters a better understanding in that way, so this does a great job of that. The last 15 minutes of the movie blew my mind. I think the finish line here will be when they no longer have an interesting story to tell.”

Paranormal Activity 3 opens in theaters this Friday. For our interview with producer Oren Peli, click here!

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor