First Look: G4’s Horror Film Spin on Angry Birds, Duck Hunt and Mario Kart


Produced by Joe Lynch, starring Thor‘s Jamie Alexander

This Halloween season, G4 is mashing up video games with the world of horror for a series of short film.

Three original shorts are going to make their debut from October 24-26 based on the popular video games Angry Birds, Mario Cart and Duck Hunt. The names attached to these horror riffs should be familiar.

Joe Lynch, a former vet of G4 who has Knights of Badassdom on the way, produced the trio. The films are as follows:

“The Hunt”: Inspired by the world’s first first-person shooter video game Duck Hunt, “The Hunt” is about three hunters who come face to face with a monstrous entity keen on their demise. Directed by Sam Balcomb. “The Hunt” becomes the hunted on on October 24.

“Kart Driver”: Nintendo’s beloved Mario Kart franchise is one of the most highly-regarded and historic video game franchises ever and director Drew Daywalt’s short film Kart Driver will give the legendary racing game a darker, deadlier spin. Fury and obsession leads a heroic plumber to seek out and bring home his damsel in distress, the girl of his dreams, even if it means facing off with a creature from the very bowels of hell. This one debuts on on October 25.

“The Birds of Anger”: Inspired by the best-selling mobile game, Rovio’s Angry Birds, the film harkens back to Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 classic The Birds, and gives gamers a glimpse into a world where birds not only target pigs, but people as well. The Birds of Anger is directed by Gregg Bishop, director of the Dance of the Dead.

We’ve got some stills to share with you, and as you can see, Thor‘s Jamie Alexander pops up in one of the shorts.

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Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor