Fantastic Fest ’11: IFC Takes Penumbra


Early reaction to first screening

Fresh out of a screening of Penumbra at Fantastic Fest, Shock has learned the film has found a distributor.

IFC Films picked up the Argentina-set thriller directed by Adrian Garcia Bogliano. IFC will roll the film out at an undetermined time under its Midnight label.

This distributor is probably the best fit for this picture because it will likely take the VOD route. Parts of the film are better than the whole; tonally, the story is inconsistent and the soundtrack doesn’t help the matter. To be honest, this would have made a great Tales from the Crypt episode.

Expect a full review soon…

Synopsis: Penumbra takes place on the day of a solar eclipse. Marga is a beautiful, hard-nosed lawyer looking to rent out an apartment she recently inherited in an old, decrepit building. The very first person she meets is a suspicious man whose boss wants the apartment at all costs. Not wanting to lose out on a big payday she agrees and waits for the boss to arrive. As the eclipse encroaches above, Marga begins to notice mysterious occurrences in and around the building that lead her to wonder what these people want with her and this apartment on such a unique day… What awaits her is horrific and shocking.

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor