Paul Scheer Talks Return to Piranha 3DD


Why are piranha in the water park?

Piranha 3DD hits theaters on November 23 and Paul Scheer, co-star of the 2010 film, called in to radio DJ Tom Scharpling’s show to discuss the sequel. The full discuss is in the YouTube embed below, but here are some highlights.

Scheer emphasizes he didn’t die in the first film, so he’s allowed to come back this time, but “The rules of the world do not apply to this movie at all,” Scheer told the program. “We have Gary Busey…as a farmer. I don’t know if you knew this, but piranha are attracted to the smell of chlorine, apparently, that’s the conceit of this movie and they get loose in a waterpark.”

He says Christopher Lloyd is reprising his role, even though the film isn’t even set in the same town as the first film…he just happens to be there.

Source: AdelaideUnderground