Lycanthrope Flick Next for Ti West?


Or will it be a space venture next?

The man behind The House of the Devil and the upcoming The Innkeepers, Ti West, shed a bit of light at London’s FrightFest regarding what he might be doing next.

There’s a sci-fi endeavor called The Side Effects, a thriller about pharmaceutical testing, space and paranoia which has already been announced. He’s also contributing to the ABCs of Death. But West is a man who knows that some projects don’t move as quickly as others, so he’ll line up a few and take which ever film is green lit first.

At FrightFest he revealed he has a new endeavor that’s set up somewhere and is a werewolf movie. Unfortunately, no other details were offered. What do you think? Could you get behind a werewolf flick from a man known for his slow-burn films?

Source: Bleeding Cool