Steve Quale Talks Possibility of Final Destination 6


“I’m sure Warner Bros. will want to make another one.”

Doing a bit of international press, Final Destination 5 director Steven Quale commented on the possibility of his return to the director’s chair of a sixth Final Destination film.

“Who knows. Never say never. I mean, it’ll be up to the fans. We’ll see how this one performs internationally and if it makes as much money as the fourth one, I’m sure Warner Brothers will want to make another one. And then the question for me will be just if we can get a script that can live up to this one because frankly I wouldn’t want to go backwards in the same way some sequels do – once they get into the whole franchising thing they can get worse. But if we can make enough impact on an audience as we did here…”

To date, the fifth film has grossed an estimated $32 million.

Source: Moviehole