Exclusive: Character Breakdowns for Max Landis-Penned Frankenstein


A new take on the classic tale

20th Century Fox tossed its hat into the “Frankenstein” adaptation ring in June. The studio announced it was developing a new take on Mary Shelley’s novel with screenwriter Max Landis (pictured).

John Davis of Davis Entertainment will produce. He’s also responsible for Landis’ upcoming Chronicle.

Little is known about Landis’ vision of “Frankenstein.” Plot details are kept under wraps, however, we have received a character breakdown that sheds some light on the world featured in the forthcoming film. I’m grinning ear-to-ear at the notion it will feature a hunchback, a dwarf and Igor.

Curious to see what they have in mind for the Monster himself.

HUNCHBACK (Male, 20): Dirty and pathologically so. He wears old clown clothes, faded. His slouched posture and long hair is offset by his intelligent eyes.

LORELEI (Female, 22): Young and beautiful, arcs through the air, her fingers catching the bar, swinging down, arcing out.

VICTOR (Male, 24): Good looking in a strange way, clean cut and tidy.

BARNABY ELLIOT (Male, 42-48): Unpleasant and red-faced in his ringmaster’s uniform.

NATHANIEL (Male, 22-28): A huge circus strongman. Open

TURPIN (Male, 40): Respectable and distinguished but with a strange harried manner.

ALISTAIR (Male, 36): An immaculately kept mustache, slightly strong figure.

IGOR (Male, 42-45): Well dressed, looking spectacular. A doctor. Open

RAFFERTY (Male, 22-28): A dwarf, a person so ratlike the term human seems generous.

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor