Hogan, Electra Double Teamed By a 2 Headed Shark Attack


You know, because you asked for this

Oh boy, I can see another SyFy cult classic in the works here. Feelin’ my sarcasm? I’m talking about 2 Headed Shark Attack, which is actually a Asylum production that is aiming to hit DVD in January 2012.

Brooke Hogan and Carmen Electra (pictured below on set), Charlie O’ Connell, Christina Bach Norman and David Gallegos star. Christopher Douglas-Olen Ray is the man in the director’s seat.

Synopsis: When a “Semester at Sea” ship is sunk by a mutated two-headed shark, the survivors escape to a deserted atoll. But when it starts flooding, the coeds are no longer safe from the double jaws of the monster.

That’s just delightful.

Source: Daily Mail