SyFy Developing Ghost Projekt Series


Based on the Oni Press comic

When Comic-Con hits, it hits hard and some news bites tend to slip through the cracks. One item we missed concerned “Ghost Projek,” the Oni Press comic book series by Joe Harris and Steve Rolston.

It seems SyFy is developing the title into a mini-series.

Harris writes, via his blog, “Plans include a 2-hour premiere special and I’ve had some nascent discussions regarding things. The direction and particulars are still coming together, but it’s all very exciting…and highly gratifying.”

Here’s a series synopsis for those not familiar with the book: Russia is often remembered from the shadow cast during the Cold War-era when every stranger was a spy, but now that the Cold War is long over, some things left behind from that era may not stay lost. An abandoned Soviet research facility somewhere in Siberia has been home to a strange and dangerous weapon that is now in the hands of thieves claiming it for their own. U.S. weapons inspector Will Haley has been assigned to find out what dangers the weapon poses and with the help of Russian agent Anya Romanova they will find the answers, but it will be far from easy.

Source: Bleeding Cool, Joe Harris