Whatever You Do Don’t Let Him In


A serial killer is taken in…

Kelly Smith makes her directorial debut with Don’t Let Him In, a thriller she co-scripted with Chris Andrews.

The two have worked in the editing field as negative cutters. Don’t Let Him In appears to be their big break and they’re doing it with this horror film which asks the question, “What if you invited a serial killer on holiday?”

In the flick, two couples spend a weekend in the country, only to cross paths with a brutal serial killer. As the body count rises, suspicion spirals into paranoia, climaxing in a terrifying battle for survival.

Sophie Linfield tops the cast which also includes Sam Hazeldine, Gordon Alexander, Rhys Meredith and Esther Shephard.

Imagination Worldwide is taking this one out for sale and looking for potential distributors.

Source: Shock Till You Drop