Something to Read: Cal McDonald: Detective Tales


Niles offers limited edition series

Steve Niles’ new publishing outfit, Bloody Pulp Books, is at work on a Lance Henriksen biography, but before that strikes look for “Cal McDonald: Detective Tales” – a limited edition pulp paperback series of Cal McDonald prose written by Steve Niles.

Those unfamiliar with McDonald: The character is a private investigator who is consistently drawn into the realm of the supernatural. He’s been the center of various comic book series such as “Criminal Macabre.”

The first volume of “Detective Tales” will be illustrated by Kelley Jone and will be released on April 9, 2011. You can purchase it at for five bucks.

Niles says, “The main goals of Bloody Pulp are to deliver Cal stories on a regular basis, create high-quality DIY packaging, and keep the price as affordable as possible. These books will be VERY limited, but we hope to keep them coming because there is a huge backlog of Cal McDonald stories. That walking pharmacy can’t stay out of trouble.”

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor