Myriad Finds New Actresses to Break


From the writer of American Psycho

It looks like Amanda Crew and Adrianne Palicki are out of Breaking the Girl and Brit Marling and Madline Zima are in.

Yes, some casting changes have been made since we last reported on this thriller in 2009, but Myriad Pictures is keen to making the film happen.

The actress reshuffling should have been expected since Palicki has been cast as Wonder Woman in the new upcoming TV series.

Marling is a writer, actress and producer. Zima (pictured), meanwhile, is best known for her turn in Californication.

Jamie Babbit will direct from a script by Mark Distefano and Guinevere Turner (American Psycho).

Synopsis: Alex and Sara commiserate over their enemies, and Alex suggests that they should kill off each other’s nemeses. Sara shrugs it off as a morbid joke until someone turns up dead.

Source: Variety, “Mary”