World War Z Needing a Bit of Financial Help?


The Max Brooks adaptation hits a budgetary challenge

Look, adapting Max Brooks’ “World War Z” is a hefty task. You need scope, you need disaster, you need a shit ton of zombies.

Bottom line? You go big or you go home.

Which is why it appears Paramount is dragging its feet with World War Z the feature film.

Last night, Shock received some intel that production could begin this summer. We reached out to our Paramount reps, however, they have not gotten back to us. While we waited, Vulture dropped some news.

The site reports Paramount is seeking outside investing to help with the proposed $125 million budget. There are a couple of potential players who could front the bread, but nothing’s solid. The climate is a bit tough right now for risky big budget horror-themed films (see: Guillermo Del Toro’s At the Mountains of Madness). (That’s why you’re seeing so many companies aiming for low budget horrors like Paranormal Activity.) But Brad Pitt is involved in World War Z, so that might help matters.

Also, director Marc Forster doesn’t mind turning in a PG-13 cut of the film.

Source: Vulture