Caruso On His Preacher Cast Wishlist!


Who is he talking to for Jesse and Arseface?!

With D.J. Caruso now spearheading the effort to get a Preacher film off the ground, speculation can begin as to who the director wants to cast.

Caruso spoke to French site CloneWeb – during his international press tour for I Am Number Four – about the highly-anticipated adaptation of the Vertigo comic book and shed some light on who he’d like to see star.

He says he had a conversation with Star Trek‘s Chris Pine for the role of Jesse Custer. And Shia LaBouf has apparently had some discussion with Caruso about playing “Arseface” (pictured, now that would be something different).

Caruso adds that the challenge of the film is to cram an entire comic series into one feature film, but he sounds confident writer John August is making it work.

Source: CloneWeb