BitTorrent Horror Film Lands Studio Distribution


Release news for The Tunnel

Australia’s horror film The Tunnel, which was “selling frames” to get the production going, has ultimately landed some studio distribution. Paramount Home Video will distribute the thriller on DVD in Australia. But how does this affect the indie flick’s original intentions?

When The Tunnel was announced, it was geared to be the first film made solely to be spread about on BitTorrent. In other words, it’ll be free to download. That’s still the case, apparently. It will be made available on May 19. Those living in Australia can also buy the DVD, which will include various bonus content, that same day.

Writer-director Enzo Tedeschi of Distracted Media says, “We are thrilled to have these two forward-thinking distributors supporting The Tunnel in Australia. From the outset our intention was to make the film available to as many people as possible – their willingness to find a way to work alongside our online release will be a massive boost to that.”

If you live in the U.S. and you would rather have a DVD, well, there’s no word yet if Paramount will carry the film domestically. But you’ll always be able to download it.

To check out a teaser, follow this link.

Source: Torrent Freak