Actor Found to Wear Joe Hill’s Horns


Based on the tale of revenge

Mandalay has dusted off the rights they own for Joe Hill’s book “Horns” – which just hit paperback – and are moving forward on making a film. And they’ve cast Shia LaBeouf as the lead.

Keith Bunin of In Treatment is adapting the story for the screen.

What’s this all mean? It’s simple: LaBeouf will play Ig Perrish, who awakens one day to find a pair of horns have sprouted from his head. Those around him who see the horns are compelled to tell him pretty much all the nasty things that are rolling around in their brain. Ig’s powers don’t stop there.

“Horns” is sort of a bittersweet tale about a poor sap who falls for his ideal girl. They have a relationship. They break up. And then she’s found raped and left for dead. Everyone thinks he did it, and there’s the thrust of Hill’s character piece, which explores Perrish’s search for the truth. It’s a bit of a revenge piece, but it’s also a love story.

Definitely not what you expect, which is why I’m super curious to see how Bunin will carry this one to the screen. And LaBeouf isn’t someone I exactly pictured to play Ig, but hey, the guy’s a “name.”

Source: Variety