Perfect House Movie Attempts Different Release Strategy


Trailer for the upcoming indie film

Gratwick Films and Bagboy Productions are attempting to make movie history. They will achieve this by using a scheduled initial release on VOD to prove that an independent film can generate an initial release return on par with a theatrical release. On April 13th 2011, the Regent Theater in Los Angeles will kick off the tour for the initial six cities of “The Return to The Perfect House Tour” sponsored by Gem Design Jewelers. The tour will continue through the summer, and cap off with a live web‐casted VOD Premiere Party held at a secret location on September 30th. The night will build up to the first VOD screening, in front of a free crowd, at midnight on October 1st.

After the first six cities, the tour will add dates based solely on the “Demand it Now” results on The tour will use original ideas and cutting edge multi‐ media opportunities to create an interactive tour page and event experience. To track the success of the tour Gratwick Films, we will be filming a documentary of the chase for 1 million Facebook friends before the October 1st worldwide release of

‘The Perfect House’.

Each date will involve a screening of the film and a Q&A with writer/executive producer/co‐director Kris Hulbert and Producer/co‐director Randy Kent along with special guests from the cast and crew along the tour. The Q&A will be both an open discussion on independent filmmaking, as well as a general discussion about the film or anything else on the audiences’ minds.

To make the tour more interactive ‘The Return to The Perfect House Tour’ is dedicated to becoming the most “user friendly” tour ever. The goal is to take advantage of every technological convenience possible while making every aspect of our tour as immersive and “user friendly” as possible. To find out more please see For the next two months the tour will be taking ideas and suggestions directly from the fans to increase the interactive features of the tour.

THE PERFECT HOUSE – Trailer 2 from Randy Kent on Vimeo.

Source: Press Release