Bits ‘n Bloody Pieces Evening Edition: Priest, Zombies, Super 8, Insidious


Stoker & Closing Costs trailer

Bits ‘n Bloody Pieces is a quick look at stuff we might have missed, viral-related promotions or items that do not necessarily warrant their own news item.

• An international one-sheet for Priest hit the web today.

• Threadless has a new zombie tee up for sale.

• Indie outfit Infested Films pointed us to the trailer for their anthology film Closing Costs. Each story is connected to a realtor stuck with a house he can’t sell.

• Fandango has an exclusive clip from James Wan’s Insidious which you can view here. Also, here’s a new viral video to promote the flick:

• Visit for all sorts of viral goodies surrounding Super 8. Sift through and load up black and white footage and play it on the site’s projector. See what you can make of it…

• Colin Firth has officially signed up for Park Chan-wook’s Stoker, written by Wentworth Miller. Production begins soon for Fox Searchlight.

• Soooo, Kevin Smith invited the Phelps family out to a Red State screening. Needless to say, the family thought the film was “filth”.

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor