Take a Hit of Bong of the Dead


This indie zom-com is a bloody one

A very dramatic trailer for the stoner horror-comedy Bong of the Dead hit the web via the film’s official site. Writer-director Thomas Newman shot the film for $5,000 and has been in post-production for two years on his indie opus. And it looks like he’s having a bit of fun exploring the zombie apocalypse.

Newman says, “For over 2 years I pushed myself to physical and mental limits in order to prove that I can make a film for such a low cost with high quality. While in post production for that time I have been keeping a video diary and website dedicated to my struggles and successes as an indie filmmaker on my first feature length film. The make-up in the film was created by a close friend and very well respected make-up artist Mike Fields who was one of the key make -up gurus on such films as Narnia 1 and 2 as well as successful TV series, Masters of horror.”

Was all that effort worth it? Check out the trailer and decide for yourself. No distribution news yet, but stay tuned.

Source: Shock Till You Drop