Scream 5 Looking for Writers?


Craven talks future of new trilogy, “bumpy period”

Shock Till You Drop has learned Dimension Films still has a Scream 5 writing assignment on the table for a potential writer, which means the studio is serious about kicking off a new trilogy with Scream 4.

In other Scream-related news, our colleagues at Scream-Trilogy pulled some quotes from a reason Total Film magazine interview with Wes Craven who addressed the writer change-ups on the latest film. Total Film asked Craven to address a Twitter update in which he stated he was no longer in control of the script when Kevin Williamson stepped away and Ehren Kruger was brought in.

“In some ways it’s a Wes Craven film, and in way it’s not entirely, because it’s not a script I have control of. It’s ultimately controlled by what the studio wants in the script. My job is much more bringing whatever experience and expertise and creativity I can,” he tells the magazine. “Look, there was a bumpy period when things shifted over from Kevin to Ehren. I signed up to do a script by Kevin and unfortunately that didn’t go all the way through the shooting. But it certainly is Kevin’s script and concept and ideas and themes.”

As for directing future installments, Craven says he’s game as long as the script is good. He’s intrigued by the nature of doing two trilogies within a career.

Source: Shock Till You Drop, Scream-Trilogy