Sonny Chiba, Mark Hammill and the Sushi Girl


First details on new thriller

Assembly Line began principal production on Sushi Girl yesterday on the Universal lot.

The thriller flick is penned by Destin Pfaff (that fella from Millionaire Matchmaker) and Kern Saxton (Deader Living Through Chemistry) and is directed by Saxton. Produced by Pfaff, Saxton, Neal Fischer and Suren M. Seron.

Check out this cast: Mark Hamill, James Duvall, Tony Todd, Andy Mackenzie and Sonny Chiba. It is also the return to feature films for actor Noah Hathaway (The Neverending Story).

“Five friends reunite six years after a diamond job gone wrong to eat sushi off a naked girl. Nothing is as it seems and nothing ever was. Needless to say, being ’70s horror boys at heart, torture, madness and violence ensues. You know, your typical high-octane family film!” says Pfaff.

Synopsis: Fish has spent six years in jail. Six years alone. Six years keeping his mouth shut about the robbery, about the other men involved. The night he is released, the four men he protected with silence celebrate his freedom with a congratulatory dinner. The meal is a lavish array of sushi, served off the naked body of a beautiful young woman. The sushi girl seems catatonic, trained to ignore everything in the room, even if things become dangerous. Sure enough, the four unwieldy thieves can’t help but open old wounds in an attempt to find their missing loot. And they’ll stop at nothing to get it as they torture Fish for information and reconstruct the past. They quickly discover that the facts don’t all add up, but what they don’t realize is that the truth is lying right in front of them…

Source: Shock Till You Drop