FEARnet Calls Upon Shock & Special Guests to Host Horror Movies!


Event kicks off this month, Green/Lynch reel within

Last month, yours truly was called upon by our friends at FEARnet to host a few films that are coming up on their schedule. Essentially, the channel (available online and on Verizon Fios) is getting classy and using horror vets and critics to provide a bit of insight on selected horror flicks (think the Turner Classic Movies format, but less stuffy).

So, in April, you’ll find me, along with Spider (from Powerman 5000) and G4’s Angie Greenup, hosting The Tingler and Midnight Meat Train, respectively.

This new format begins, however, on March 19, when directors Adam Green and Joe Lynch host William Friedkin’s Bug. They’ll also be presenting The Gate later this year. Check out a blooper reel from their exploits on the set below…

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor