Grim News for Mountains of Madness Adaptation


Guillermo del Toro confirms the worst

Guillermo del Toro fired off an email to the Criterion Cast last night regarding all of the talk yesterday about At the Mountains of Madness and its shooting status.

When asked if the rumored start date was true, Del Toro responded, “The opposite. Dead.”

This confirms Universal was having a hard time dropping an estimated $150 million into an R-rated horror film, in spite of the fact that it may have starred Tom Cruise, was set to be in 3D and was produced by James Cameron.

It’s just another hurdle Del Toro has faced with this ambitious project. Will he ever get it made? Further, what will Guillermo do next? Rumors say he might helm Pacific Rim, a Legendary Pictures-production about giant monsters attacking earth.

Source: Criterion Cast