Lionsgate Wants to Return to the Cube


A spawn of Natali’s 1997 thriller

Lionsgate is presently fielding pitches for Cube 3D, a source tells us.

That’s right, it’s either a direct sequel, a reboot or a redo of the 1997 sci-fi/horror thriller which actually preceded the Lionsgate’s fixation on a certain franchise that also heavily utilized enclosed spaces, strangers and traps (Saw).

The original Cube put director Vincenzo Natali (Splice) on the genre map and concerned a group of strangers who were confined to a series of rooms, each one containing (or not) a lethal device.

Cube spawned a 2002 sequel, Cube 2: Hypercube, directed by Andrzej Sekula, the cinematographer known for his work on Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction. Later, Lionsgate released the prequel Cube: Zero.

It’s too early in the game to know what approach Lionsgate is taking with Cube 3D, but we’ll update you as more information comes in. Following Cube 2, they can only go up (that sequel was rather tepid). I’m curious to see what ideas, traps and renewed paranoia they can bring to the table.

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor