Atlantic City May Get a Horror-Themed Restaurant


That’s also a wax museum

Ghouls may rise in New Jersey, and I’m not talking about the Jersey Shore cast.

Developers in Atlantic City are looking into creating the Hollywood Horror Cafe, a horror-themed restaurant and wax museum. What you’re looking at above is artwork for the attraction.

A few familiar names are in on the project as well. Read on, courtesy of Press of Atlantic City.

They were brought together by Sara Karloff, daughter of Hollywood horror legend Boris Karloff. Another famous horror movie name, Lugosi, also is part of the project. Bela Lugosi Jr., a California attorney and son of one of the best-known horror actors in the genre’s history, has provided legal assistance for the development group.

Sara Karloff and Bela Lugosi Jr. also have agreed to help the group through their entertainment industry contacts and with licensing deals for horror memorabilia from the Karloff and Lugosi estates, Camarota said.

What do you think? Would you travel to check this place out?

Source: Press of Atlantic City