Double Dose of Pang Bros. Action


Photo from Sleepwalker & more

Damn you, Paranormal Activity. Your presence is being felt all over the world, leading filmmakers to rely on the ol’ “spooky shot of the bed” shot. Case in point, the first image from the Oxide Pang’s Sleepwalker, a new thriller they have on the way.

Here’s a synopsis we picked up and offered in an earlier news item: Yi has never imagined a revolving dream haunting her every night would evolves into to a nightmare in real life. Shortly after a dream man enters her gloomy life, Yi, a sleepwalker, is set back again by a past broken relationship and becomes a suspected murderer of her ex-husband. The clearer her dream develops, the more real the accused crime appears to her. Did she really kill when sleepwalking?

Learn more about Sleepwalker right here.

In other Pang Bros. news, Danny Pang has Fairy Tale Killer in the works. Again, Twitch scored a look at that film right here.

Source: Twitch Film