Tortorella Talks Scream 4 Production Challenges


It was “all good”

Nico Tortorella addressed with Movieline some of the script woes Scream 4 faced. He chooses his words wisely and talks in broad strokes, however, he brings up something that hasn’t been brought up before: The fourth film experienced was every Scream sequel before it faced.

“When we sat down for the first table read, everyone knew there were issues going on with the script, everyone knew what was going on with Courteney and David, and it was there. But we’re such a light group of people, all of us involved with this movie, and cast-wise we jumped into this and wanted to have a party and have a good time doing this. And I feel like that kind of overshadowed what was going on underneath, especially with relationships that were going on, and even the script. It was all good. We were here to learn and have a good time and go along with the process. We had heard stories from the first three movies that were all the same, if not worse, than what was going on with this fourth movie. The original three had been through a lot more than we went through on this fourth movie. They just grandfathered us into it. They were like big brother and sister, like, ‘Listen, guys, this is all good.’ That being said over and over again was like, all right, cool. Let’s keep going.”

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Source: Movieline