Burton, Brolin and the Hunchback of Notre Dame


Based on Victor Hugo’s novel

It sounds like a project that is a ways out from happening, but Warner Bros. hired Kieran and Michele Mulroney to pen The Hunchback of Notre Dame (an adaptation of Victor Hugo’s 1831 novel). They also penned the upcoming Sherlock Holmes sequel.

Two prominent players involved in the development of this project are Tim Burton and Josh Brolin. The latter intends to produce and star. Burton seems to be “interested” for now until he sees a script.

Also, Burton is prepping a Dark Shadows feature film so that’s going to keep him busy for a bit.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame has been turned into a film countless times, from the 1923 version starring Lon Chaney, to 1939’s adaptation featuring Charles Laughton to the feed good take by Disney in 1996.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter