Current Fad: Take a Couple, Add Supernatural Menace


Details on upcoming Falling Slowly

Expect to see a lot of supernatural fare this year that takes a seemingly good couple trying to live their lives until something supernatural haunts them.

Yes, we’re living in a post-Paranormal Activity Hollywood now and that’s the equation that works. So, look to find Mandy Moore and Rodrigo Santoro to star in Falling Slowly.

The film will mark the directorial debut of Chris Sparling, a busy writer whose Buried hit the screen last year and who has ATM and Reincarnate on the way.

Falling Slowly is about, well, what I talk about above. Moore and Santoro play a couple who sense a supernatural presence in their apartment.

We’ll have to see what Sparling does to this equation to make it work.

Source: Variety