A Texas Chainsaw Director on Arabian Soil


Returning to haunted house territory

On Christmas Eve 2010, Abu Dhabi Media Company announced it was circling a “master of horror” for a new film it would produce under its Imagenation production banner.

That man is Tobe Hooper (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Funhouse).

We received word he’ll direct Djinn (how many movies do we have on the way carrying that moniker?), written by David Tully. Shooting begins next months in the United Arab Emirates and the film is said to be a “haunted house thriller.” Clearly, the producers are hoping to catch whatever creepy alchemy Hooper brought to the table in Poltergeist.

“The horror genre speaks an international language and I am so pleased to be involved in a project with Imagenation Abu Dhabi that will transcend cultures and borders. Simply put, this movie will scare everyone, no matter where you live or what you believe in!” Hooper said in a press release.

While Hooper directs Djinn, he’ll be mentoring UAB fledgling director Nayla Al Khaja who is prep on her own horror film.

Safe travels, Mr. Hooper!

Source: Shock Till You Drop