A Busy Director Has Time to Make Commercials


Guillermo del Toro goes small

You saw one of Guillermo del Toro’s early directing gigs back in December, when his 1991 Alka Seltzer promo (in which he played a wolf man) hit YouTube.

Now, one of the busiest guys in Hollywood says he’s making time to direct commercials.

The Hollywood Reporter says Del Toro is teaming up with Motion Theory for this endeavor. Motion Theory is co-operated by Javier Jimenez, one of Del Toro’s partners in Mirada, a recently announced production outfit that Del Toro will be operating out of.

Del Toro says he wants to explore various storytelling mediums and he intends to mentor some of Motion Theory’s up and coming directors.

At some point in his life, he’ll direct At the Mountains of Madness, Frankenstein, and a bunch of other anticipated movies that he’s talked about while shepherding a new feature film based on The Haunted Mansion.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter