Character Details for American Horror Story


From Nip/Tuck creator Ryan Murphy

Last week, we told you FX and Nip/Tuck’s Ryan Murphy were re-teaming for a new series entitled American Horror Story. Casting has begun and TV Line scored a casting breakdown. Read on to get a sense of which direction the show will take.

Ben Harmon: Though as sensitive as a woman, this 40ish therapist is also a man’s man.

Vivien Harmon: Ben’s gorgeous wife, she is a force to be reckoned with in spite of her vulnerable demeanor.

Violet: The Harmons’ 16-year-old daughter is a Goth with more issues than a Borders magazine rack.

Tate Langdon: This 17 year old is as dangerous as he is seductive. And not “GLEE’s Puck dangerous,” either; we’re talking “Charles Manson dangerous.”

From a previous news item: “American Horror Story is a project that Brad and I have been discussing for a while,” says Murphy. “John Landgraf and I have maintained a wonderful relationship since Nip/Tuck ended its run and he gave me an open invitation to develop a new show for the network. FX is the perfect place for this series and we look forward to a great homecoming.”

Source: TV Line