U.S. DVD Plans Revealed for Latest Ju-On


Two films arriving this May

Well Go USA is releasing Ju-On: Black/White on DVD and Blu-Ray May 17.

The release will include two titles: The Grudge: The Old Lady in White and The Grudge: Girl in Black (are they really calling these “The Grudge” to confuse matters with the U.S. series?). You’ll find plot details and a trailer below!

Chapter one, written and directed by Ryuta Miyake, stars Akina Minami as a high girl with a 6th sense named Akane who starts having disturbing visions of a childhood best friend who recently died in a family murder-suicide. Chapter two, written and directed by Mari Asato, stars Ai Kago as a nurse named Yuko who cares for a young girl who has a strange cyst inside her body. The cyst turns out to be the leftover grudge of an unborn baby and begins to spread to the people around them, driving them mad.

Source: High-Def Digest