Jumping the Gun? Producer Nabs Dead Island Rights


Yes, based on that video game

Without a doubt, one of the hottest news items of the week here on Shock was about that trailer for the upcoming video game Dead Island.

To be fair, its strength was how the narrative unfolded. But it’s just another zombie game.

That doesn’t concern one Hollywood player. HitFix says Sean Daniel picked up the movie rights for the game. Daniel’s credits include The Mummy and The Wolfman, but now he’s operating out of his own production outfit.

What Daniel will do with these rights is obvious – he wants to make a film. But how will this one be any different than any other zombie flick? And will the buzz off that trailer be strong enough to propel those rights into a finished film?

Techland will release the Dead Island game later this year. Perhaps the game sales will further boost the value of Daniel’s movie rights.

Source: HitFix