A Second Distributor Comes in to Handle Miramax Library


Halloween, Hellraiser covered

While Lionsgate was pulled in recently to help get a number of Miramax titles back onto DVD and Blu-Ray, the new Miramax owners have also enlisted Echo Bridge Entertainment to handle some of the other films in the library.

The Hollywood Reporter says Lionsgate is tackling some of the more popular titles, while Echo Bridge will take “select” titles like the Halloween, Hellraiser and Children of the Corn sequels.

I’m sure some of Dimensions other direct-to-DVD fare will be included. Pretty certain, as well, that the Scream trilogy will fall under the Lionsgate deal. Mike Lang, Miramax’s CEO, said he wanted that series out on Blu-Ray by the time Scream 4 hits theaters.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter