Pop Music Kills You in White


Details on a new Korean horror film

Ah, here’s a premise I wouldn’t mind seeing adapted for our shores. Perhaps in a scenario where Justin Bieber music fries the minds of those who listen to him.

Korean audiences this summer are going to be hit with a new horror film entitled White. Kim Gok and Kim Sun (Anti Gas Skin) tell the story of a Korean pop group who are cursed after watching a music video.

Girl group Pink Dolls, made up of the lead singers Jenny and A-rang, former backup dancer, Eun-ju and rapper, Shin-ji, are struggling to get their name out. In the new office the group’s agency moves into, Eun-ju finds an old videotape of an untitled music video. The song recorded on the video is dark and gloomy – but also mesmerizing. The group showcases the number and receives immensely positive feedback, their best ever. Excited, the Pink Dolls decide to release the number as their new single under the title “White” and begin a gruelling practice regimen. It’s at that time strange things start happening to each member. Main vocalist Jenny passes out during a practice session. Young A-rang becomes hostile towards her close friend Shin-ji and suffers a bad reaction to a cosmetic. Shin-ji becomes very competitive and jealous, and is injured during a photo shoot. Believing the series of suspicious incidents is related to the music video, Eun-ju looks into the mystery behind it. Soon, she too, falls victim to the curse.

Head here for an image from the film.

Source: 24fps