Spiderhole Finds U.S. Distribution


Moving can be hell…

The UK horror film Spiderhole will reside at IFC.

Written and directed by Daniel Simpson, the film stars Amy Noble, Emma Griffiths Malin, George Maguire, John Regan and Reuben-Henry Biggs.

You’ll find an official site right here.

IFC will likely give the film a VOD bow with a small theatrical release.

Synopsis: Molly, together with her three art student friends, embark upon a mission to find an empty house in London, with the view to living as squatters, free from rent, and free to party.

Having found the ideal squat, they break in and go about the merry business of dressing the stark interior to reflect their artistic selves. Darkness pervades their new dwelling place, a darkness through which they discover the full implications of their intrepid choice.

A nightmare unfolds that traps the viewer and protagonists alike in a terrifying and unforgiving new reality. Who or what is orchestrating their bloody demise and why? The house appeared to be empty and yet a malevolent force is clearly at work.

Source: Screen Daily