Shiver Poster Art & Stills Arrive


The thriller with Danielle Harris and John Jarratt

Producers, Robert Weinbach and A.J. Gordon and director, Julian Richards have wrapped shooting on Shiver and to commemorate the moment, they’ve forward on a first look at the sales art and a trio of images.

Weinbach wrote the screenplay based on the acclaimed novel by Brian Harper. The film stars Danielle Harris, John Jarratt and Casper Van Dien and features Rae Dawn Chong, Brad Harris and newcomer Nikita Esco (pictured below).

Harris plays a young, timid secretary terrorized by a savage killer who finally finds the resources of courage to confront the monster of her living nightmare.

After reading the screenplay, John Jarratt told Weinbach that he was born to play the role of the killer, Franklin Rood. Weinbach considers Jarratt to be the most terrifying villain to ever appear on the silver screen after seeing him in Wolf Creek and was was thrilled to attach Jarratt as the costar. Weinbach says that Jarratt’s performance as Franklin Rood is utterly unique and frightening.

Richard Band, we have learned, will score the project.

Source: Shock Till You Drop