This Plant Will F You Up, Mandrake DVD Details


Arriving this April from Lionsgate

On April 12, Lionsgate Home Entertainment is bringing Mandrake to DVD.

I know. You’ve been waiting for it.

The film already made its SyFy premiere, and now you can own it.

Part plant. Part animal. All bloodthirsty. Mandrake follows adventurer Darren McCall and his team as they set out on a mission through the jungle to retrieve a fabled bejeweled dagger from an ancient burial ground. The group thinks that they are in for a wealth of riches, but pulling the dagger from its rightful resting place unleashes a beast. Half plant and half animal, the massive mandrake awakens thirsty…for human blood.

Suck on that, Triffids!

Source: Shock Till You Drop