Hello Darkness Revived, Cast Comes Together


Poots moves from one vampire film to another

A title we haven’t reported on since 2008 is finally moving into production.

Hello Darkness is set to star Dominic Cooper, Julie Christie and Imogen Poots. The latter just wrapped work on Fright Night 3D. Here’s a lengthy synopsis we got our hands on long ago.

Mark Cooper is an ordinary working-class man who became a vampire. He reached his prime in the early sixties and as a result of his conversion, never left it. Eternally young, he is the Angry Young Man preserved in amber. He lives in Newcastle, a town famed for its drunken excess, providing ideal feeding grounds. But the accidental death of a girl ends with a manhunt for a “Vampire Killer.”

Cooper lives with Rachel, his support for almost four decades, in an uneasy role somewhere between wife and mother. Long ago Cooper proposed to convert Rachel, but she chose to grow older while he remains eternally twenty-five. News that he’s a wanted man brings the tension in the house to breaking point.

On the prowl for victims, Cooper meets a beautiful posh student, Lucy. Entranced by her vivacity, he gets his overpowering first taste of blue blood.

But the union between Cooper and Lucy brews trouble; it brings out the staunch territorialism of Rachel and the snobbishness of Lucy’s friends. Meanwhile, the search for the Vampire Killer is intensifying. Cooper is driven into a crisis as he stares bleakly into eternity, and Lucy is forced to choose between the light moneyed world of her peers and the dark working class reality of her lover.

Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland are writing and directing.

Source: Screen Daily