Wowie Wow Wow: Alternate Black Death Posters to Kill For


Bravo, Magnet, bravo

Christopher Smith’s Black Death is getting a lot of love on Shock today. Between our interview with Smith and our review, the coverage must go on!

Kudos to Magnet Releasing for enlisting Simon Bisley to created these two “alternate” one-sheets for the film, which is now available on VOD. If the official U.S. one-sheet, looked like some stoner rock album cover, these two are certainly best suited on some black metal album. Killer!

Bisley has done a ton of work for the comic book industry, including the covers to “Jason Versus Leatherface,” Rob Zombie’s “The Nail” and “Lobo.”

See both images in hi-res in our photo gallery.

Source: Shock Till You Drop