Second Sight Revives Warlock in the UK


Starring Julian Sands and Richard E. Grant

Warlock is going to make is DVD debut in the UK, courtesy of Second Sight, on April 18.

Julian Sands (Naked Lunch, Arachnophobia) plays the suavely malevolent warlock in this supernatural action-adventure, with Richard E. Grant as his witch-finder enemy.

A sinister 17th century warlock summons satanic intervention to escape a death sentence and finds himself transported 300 years into the future, arriving in modern-day Los Angeles, in the apartment of a young waitress (Lori Singer). His quest is to find the scattered remains of the ‘Grand Grimoire’, the Devil’s bible containing the true name of god and with it the power to destroy mankind. Following in hot pursuit is the witch-finder who brought him to trial and

must now hunt him down once more.

Steve Miner directed the film.

Sands and Grant give superbly matched performances as the enigmatic, battling

adversaries in this action-packed fantasy which has gained cult status since its

release and is finally available on DVD on 18 April 2011.

Source: Shock Till You Drop