DVD Details for River of Darkness


Starring Kurt Angle, Kevin Nash and more…

You’ve read about it here on Shock before, now we have release details for River of Darkness, the action-horror film starring Kurt Angle and Kevin Nash.

This one hits the street on March 29.

When unspeakable evil falls on a quiet river town, Sheriff Logan is thrust into a chilling nightmare of death and mayhem. Confronted by a series of horrific murders, each more brutal than the last, he soon learns the community’s seedy past has spawned a vile evil…one that has risen from purgatory to exact revenge. Under relentless assault by the spirits of two old river squatters, the Jacobs Boys – Kevin Nash and WWF, WCW and ECW’s Psycho Sid Vicious – the town explodes into a battlefield of zombies and blazing guns. It’s up to Sheriff Logan to unravel the shocking mystery and condemn “The Boys” back to the bowels of hell. In this all-out, heavyweight beat-down, only one man will remain standing.

River of Darkness also stars Bill Hinzman (Night of the Living Dead) and Alan Rowe Kelly (I’ll Bury You Tomorrow) and is directed by Bruce Koehler.

Source: Shock Till You Drop