Paddy Considine Talks Ghost Story The Leaning


His next directorial effort

Out of the Sundance Film Festival came word that actor/director Paddy Considine was next going to follow his Sundance debut Tyrannosaur with a film called The Leaning. spoke to Considine about the project, here’s what he had to say:

“The next film I’m gonna make, it looks like it’s a ghost story I’m writing called “The Leaning.” Yeah, that’s where I’m going to next…I mean, the idea is just make it, like Tyrannosaur, as sort of truthful thematically as you can. It’s a ghost story, so it takes it into different territory, but the dilemma in The Leaning is, “Is this really happening to her, or is it something that she’s harboring from her childhood that is manifesting this fear? If this thing actually doesn’t exist.” So there’s a dilemma and any time there’s intimacy with a man, these events start to happen, so it’s about sort of how we keep ghosts alive with fear.”

Considine has starred in Hot Fuzz and The Bourne Ultimatum.

Source: Coming Soon