More Plot Details Revealed for Zombie’s Lords of Salem


Blame everything on rock ‘n roll

What we know about Rob Zombie’s Lords of Salem so far: The production is reportedly kicking off this spring. Zombie’s at the helm working from a script he penned and the Paranormal Activity team is producing.

When the film was announced, it was strapped with plot details that told us this: Set against the backdrop of modern day Salem, Massachusetts 300-year-old witches rise to haunt the town with their demonic powers.

However, buried in an article at Screen Daily today, some more information was revealed.

The story follows a DJ in Salem who unleashes a horde of demonic minions after she plays a cursed record.

Ah, the ol’ “cursed record” gag that fueled such cult films like The Gate and Trick or Treat! What do you think?

Source: Screen Daily