Craven: What’s Being Added to Scream 4?


Enhancing a killer opening…

Even though, I don’t believe, anyone has outright said Scream 4 was facing reshoots (it was always presumed additional shots were being grabbed), Entertainment Weekly reached out to Wes Craven to clarify why he is back in Detroit, Michigan shooting with the Scream 4 crew this week.

“They’re not reshoots,” Craven tells the magazine. “We had a couple test screenings and we saw two scenes where they had moments you could add to and we just saw a spectacular opportunity. Bob [Weinstein] just said to me basically, ‘You go to your dark side and I’ll give you the money!’ [Laughs] The two scenes were really good, but we saw how they could be spectacular, so we thought, let’s just go for it. They were key moments of the script, so we just decided to go back and go for the grand slam on them.”

There you have it. And no, the ending is not being tampered with. To see an image of co-star Alison Brie on the set this week, follow this link.

Source: EW