Kidnapped Director Goes Big With Welcome to Harmony


Based on the post-apocalyptic tale

Miguel Ángel Vivas, who directed the home invasion thriller Kidnapped (review), is in development on an adaptation of the novel “Welcome to Harmony” (“Y Pese A Todo” by Juan De Dios Garduño).

Vaca Films is teaming with Cell 211 to produce and, presently, a shooting date has not been locked down, however, a script is in the works.

Set against the backdrop of Bangor, Maine, the story focuses on a father and daughter trying to survive in a world obliterated by chemical weapons after a massive war. In addition to having to contend with a neighbor, the father and daughter have to protect themselves against a zombie-like menace.

The producers compare it to 28 Days Later and I Am Legend although it sounds like it has a bit of The Road in there, too.

Source: Screen Daily