Red State to Become One of Many Festival Films Altered Before Release


Are you really surprised?

Splice. Insidious. I’m sure there are more, but those are two recent genre offerings in the last year or so that have premiered on the festival scene and faced cuts and/or alterations before their release. Now you can add Red State to that list. However, in this instance, the distributor is the filmmaker and not a studio (who provided input in the aforementioned examples).

Kevin Smith told a podcast recently, in short, that Red State‘s Sundance screening was the first time he showed it to people not involved in the film. Naturally, he saw it with a new set of eyes when it played to a different audience, so, some cuts are needed.

The director will tinker with the film a bit before he rolls it out on a country-wide tour March 5.

For our review of the film, follow this link.

Source: Kevin and Josh Movie Show